Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sometimes the people closest to you can be the one´s holding you back the most

           Chap.7- Sometimes the people closest to you can  be the one´s holding you back the most

-And how are things going with your dad? I heard his back in town..

 I was feeling like something a cat had puked. Since my last fight with my dad 2 nights ago I barely had slept and he was seriously messing with my nervous system. I just wanted to be home, or any place at all in the world that wasn’t the office of my guidance counselor-Brocke.

-They´re great-I said with an unexpressive face.

 Why would I open up to a complete stranger? Bigger question than that : how did she think I would? People say it´s easier to talk to a stranger, liars. So I was just supposed to share my personal and deeply messed up life with a women that I barely even knew so that she could tell me how to live it? Yes that makes complete sense. Anyways I was too tired for that. I just wanted to get that over that so I could proceed with my day.

-Ok, great-she said with a smile on her face. Phony- So I will show you some pictures and I will make you some question ok?


-Yes, shure -that wasn’t weird- do you do this to like every student that comes in here?

-No-she answered sincerely.

So.. why to me? I should have asked. Yet again I was tired and out of it.

-Ok-I finally said.

She showed me a picture of a family-of course -.- .

-It´s a family. The sun is shining and their smiling. It´s a happy picture-I said still with an unexpressive face.

-So how does that make you feel?

-Happy-I said smiling. When I saw the look on Broocke´s face I realized my smile must have looked pretty fake. Well happy families weren’t exactly what I wanting to see.

-You know this wont work unless your honest with me- Brocke said with a serious look on her face.

I put on the most offended expression I could given the conditions-I don’t know what you´re talking about. I am as honest and open as a person can be-lie.

-You know it´s important to have a good support system. People you can really talk to. Have anyone you can talk to. Friends?

-Yes. They´re great. Totally supportive-another lie, they didn’t even knew. How many are we in? 4?

-Great, but still be cachous.

-Why?-I asked rhetorically- because sometimes the people closest to you can be the one´s holding you back the most?

-In did. Where did you learn that?

-I don’t know-But I did. My mom used to tell me that all the time.

And it was true. But at the time she didn’t knew just how true she was.

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