Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The bridge is crossed so stand and watch it burn

Chap.4-The bridge is crossed so stand and watch it burn
-Make you’re self at home-he said while he leaned his head to the couch’s direction-sit I will get us some drinks. What do you drink?
-Humm, the same as you, I guess-I responded in a soft voice while I sat on the couch.
-I´ll be right back then-he said while he went to the kitchen.
I looked down to my short leader skirt tight to my legs and I felt even more nervous while I pressed my silver bracelet against my wrist. I was trying to look has confident has I possibly could but the truth is I was terrified. When he walked into the room I was looking down to my bracelet and rubbing it frenetically to my wrist.
-Hey, what´s wrong?-he asked while he placed the drinks on the little table in front of the couch and he kneeled to the ground right in front of me while he put his hand on my chin and lifted my head towards his and our lips where only inches away from each others.
-Nothing-I said with a fake ,nervous smile while I looked right to his green eyes that stared right back at me reflecting all the nervousness and desire in mine. I think he was has nervous has I was. My smile got totally sincere reflecting how happy I was that he was right there with me.
-I know you don’t believe it, but-he bred heavily, and the words came slowly and I felt like he poor his heart out in every single one-you´re truly beautiful. If only you could see what I see .How can your eyes show so much pain but still glow every time you see me? Even when I can see the shades of your past hunting you, how can you still respond to my touch?-he touched my lips with his hand and I closed my eyes-to my voice, to my soul every time i’m around? I know I don’t know you, but I feel like I do and I want you to share your memories with me, those memories that hunt you and never let you be free. I want you to share that pain with me so it would be easier for you to handle them. I want you to be free and see what I see.
I still had my eyes closed and I felt his hand on my lips and on my neck and it felt like it had a special mining behind those touches. Then I opened my eyes and responded with them to his words while I said slowly-my memories are just mine, they are my pain, they are my suffering you cant share my pain but you can ease it. And you do. When you´re around I feel safe and I feel happy.
Then I did something I never thought I would do. I kissed him, for the first time. I had never kissed someone. Don’t get me wrong, I had been kissed before but i never had kissed someone. I put all my rage, my anger my dispere, my happiness and all my desire in that one kiss. In that flame that at last consumed us. The thoughts broke and everything that was rational got lost and burned up by the flame. It slowly burned lower and when it ended the phrase “the bridge is crossed so stand and watch it burn” floated inside my mind. We´d past the point of no return.
The ice of our lemon ice teas had melted but we grabbed them and we lied on the couch drinking them and watching some stupid movie. I ended up falling asleep with my head on his shoulder while he combed my long blond hair slowly and softly. It was a good feeling. I had never let anyone touch my hair before cause it was a very personal thing for me. One of my many stupid restrictions and I felt like he was breaking them all. The stupid thing is that I loved him breaking rules he didn’t knew existed or that had that much meaning for me. He simply did, and even without my rules and restrictions, lying there beside him, I had never felt has safe or has at home before. I felt like, after a long time I had finally found myself. Again.


  1. ohoo spicy estou a gostar imenso :D só uma coisa que me está a enervar:é knew quando é o passado do verbo "saber" mas é new quando é "novo"
    já agora:Andrew? Haha adorei :D
    Já sigo