Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Surprisingly sweet stranger

                                         Chap.2-Surprisingly sweet stranger
I got from one class to another. Thankfully the break´s time was the right time for me to find the next classroom so I didn’t have to worry about people seeing me alone. I could just pretend I was busy and concentrated. Personally I licked being alone but other people seeing me alone ,with their judgy peaty eyes, the whisper´s and the smirks made me feel really uncomfortable and ashamed that I had to admit the reality : I did not have friends and I would always be that girl a little bit too weird a little bit too shy.
At lunch time I grabbed an apple and I went to the school garden to avoid having to sit alone on a table. The garden was almost deserted so I sat on the grass, took my  I pod and my notebook and started listening to music and drawing as I ate my apple. I was there four like 45 minutes completely focused on what I was doing when I noticed a shade that had been there for quite a while and that I had been simply to focused to detect before. Slowly I took my headphones and I looked back in the direction of the source of the shade.
-That´s amazing-he said.
I just locked at him. He had really dark hair and his skin was slightly tained, but what I noticed the most were his green eyes starring back at mine. Than I looked at his lips. They were totally symmetrical and  bright red. When the spell broke I realized I had been starring at him and that he had been watching me ,witch was creepier then anything else. I felt too exposed, no one had ever seen my drawings before. I quickly closed my notebook.
-You know it´s rude, not to say creepy that you´ve been observing me for the past half hour?-I said pressing the bracelet to my rist, in an angry voice, he was invading my privacy and espying on me.
-I wasn´t spying on you. I was simply watching your drawings-he said calmly, smiling softly.
-So you weren’t watching me, but you were watching what I was doing, that´s still spying- I was mad that he didn’t even try to deny what he was doing and that he was so upcoming about it.
-You´re right, I’m sorry- he said sincerely, locking a little bit embarrassed and smiling in a shy and kind of sweet way. I was happy that he recognized it- I´m Andrew, by the way-he said smiling more openly know. I smiled softly a little embarrassed that I got so mad at this surprisingly sweet stranger-Alice-I replied in a softer voice.
-And I meant what I said-he continued-they are truly amazing-he said pointing to my notebook-Do you think you could show them to me.?
I looked apprehensively at him. My drawings were a very privet part of my life and I wasn’t shure I was ready to share them. He probably got my apprehension cause he just asked:
-Can I sit with you then?
-So what are you listening?
I showed him the music on my ipod and we got to the conclusion that we had a very similar taste for music. We spend the rest of the lunch break talking about music and artists and other subjects that came up in the conversation. I laughed, cause he was funny and I felt good. It was easy to talk to him. We were alike and we got each other. In a long time I didn’t feel like Alice the ofernage weird girl with a druggy addicted mother. I just felt like Alice. When  the bell ringed he took me to the next class cause he knew where it was. It was a year older than me so he had to go. For some reason I was reluctant in letting him go.
-Do you want to meet after school? Come to my place, it will be fun.
-I have stuff to do- I lied. I didn’t really feel comfortable going to his house. And even worse for him to come to mine .-But I will see you tomorrow?
He looked at me and didn’t say anything.
-Right?-I insisted.
-Yes-he said smiling and gave me a kiss on the check. That was sweet. He was sweet.
I didn’t see him later that day. My step mother picked me up at exactly 16:00 pm. She made some comment that I seemed different. For some unexplained reason I felt different. When I got to bed I was still thinking about that surprisingly sweet stranger.

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