Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is this love?

Chap.5-Is this love?

-So can you explain this whole situation to me one more time?- I asked trying to keep calm and process what she was telling me.
-What aren´t you getting about “you were invited to a p-a-r-t-y”-Hana told me, still very excited but starting to get a little impatient-well you’re going to, technically.
-Jessica invited Andrew to Toby´s party and he said he was going to invite you-Erika continued, probably after tacking the phone out of Hanna´s hand-and we´re going too, obviously.
-How are you so shure he´s really going to invite me?-I asked rubbing my bracelet on  my wrist-I mean this has passed threw a lot of people´s mouths, how do you even know it´s true?
-Why wouldn´t it be?-it was Hanna again-we saw the way he looked at you in the cafeteria, and while I don’t think he´s good company for you it’s obvious that you like him, and he´s, in did, really hot.
-Has I said…-I heard Erika saying on the other side of the line, and I could hear the smile on her voice.
-So would you come? Please? It will be fun. I will even let you borrow my close and give you a ride home.
She could probably sense my uncertainty cause she heeded a “pleaaase” and I finally said yes.
Three hours later we were at the party. I looked down at the white lace dress that I had borrowed from Hana. It had a white corsage, that made my boobs look way bigger. I felt nervous and a little uncomfortable.
-Shake it off-Erika told me while I rubbed my silver bracelet on my wrist with my free hand-you look beautiful, I mean it!
-She´s right-Hana confirmed-I wish I had bigger boobs…-she said looking at mine with puppy dog eyes pouting.
We looked at each other and started laughing.
Then I saw him. Andrew. He looked hot. He was wearing ripped jeans and a black t-shirt. His air was a hot mess and his green eyes burned my skin while he slowly looked at me. He walked to me slowly and confidently while I rubbed my bracelet on to my wrist.
-You look stunning-he said when he finally got beside me and handed me a drink.
-I don’t drink-I said fast and nervously while my hands shaked and I dropped my drink on the floor.
Andrew was looking at me confused. I shacked my head and tried to get out of the room but he grabbed my hand. I looked right at his eyes and they screamed “please!” ,so I took his hand and guided him to Toby´s yard from where I had came him.
We sat on the grass and I breathe deeply.
-After my mother left me, I was in a dark place. I was in a rebellion state and my father didn´t really care that much-despite what my stepmother says, I don’t believe he ever really cared about me-my mom had some bad habits, so I grew up in that environment and alcohol and drugs weren’t that big of a deal for me. I started getting myself into some things that I shouldn’t have to, and it all happened so fast. I was too deep to get out in a few short months and I ended up overdosed in the hospital-I was shacking so hard that I thought that I might be having a panic attack- I almost cant remember a thing of what happened that year or before that. Since then i’ve been keeping away from alcohol and i’m scared that it can get out of control again.
Andrew hugged me, hard-it´s ok-he whispered-I’m here know, I’m here.
I don’t know how much time passed while we were just there, hugged on the grass, speechless just lost on each others heartbeats.
-I had never told this story to anyone before-I finally said-i´m pretty messed up, I know.
-Well I’m glad you told me-he said sincerely-and you´re really brave. Let me take you home.
-Um,I actually came with…
-Don’t worry, I will let them know I took you ok?
I was sleepy and tired so I let him go. A few minutes later he took me home on his motorcycle and I asked him if he could stay there with me. I fell asleep with a dumb smile on my face. He just lied there beside me, combing my hair with his fingers until I feel asleep unknowing the deep meaning that had for me. In the morning I found out that he had slept on the couch. That made me laugh. He made me laugh. When I was tacking a shower, after he left I was still smiling, I had someone that I trusted, that, for once in my life, made me feel beautiful, and sexy and special. A question that had been running threw my mind since last night got away from my lips before I could stop it, while I looked at my face in the mirror:
-Is this love?

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